Who is a Defender And Disciple?

Defenders and Disciples are conscientious protectors of their families, communities, and their Faith. When called to defend our values, we will most likely default to our level of training and education rather than rise to the occasion. Therefore, proper education, instruction, and training are imperative. Faith and firearms may not seem to coexist; however, I would recommend that you have the former figured out before needing to use the latter.

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Defenders And Disciples

About the Founder

Taylor founded Defenders and Disciples for the purpose of educating and training others on topics relating to faith, firearms, self protection, and fitness. Taylor is a Christian, a husband, and a father. He is a Marine Veteran, current city police officer, former security professional, NRA Instructor, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has a passion for faith, family, fitness, firearms, security, self defense, general preparedness, engineering, and teaching.

Our Values


We believe that ALL human life is inherently valuable, and that it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak.


We believe that strong families are the bedrock on which a strong Nation is formed.


We believe that education is not a destination but a life-long process. Furthermore, we believe that dogma and closed mindedness cripples our ability to learn.


Training is essential for the mastery of any skill and for physical fitness.


We believe that individual liberty is essential for the survival of this Nation.


Implicit within every freedom is a responsibility. To ignore the latter is to risk losing the former. As responsibly armed citizens, it is imperative that we seek formal firearms training. Safe and proficient firearm skills are not innate and must be instructed, learned, and trained. 

Far too many gun owners believe that simply owning a firearm is enough. Exercising our Right To Bear Arms necessitates the skills and ability to bear arms. Not store arms, not carry arms, not collect arms. While each of these are important elements of our 2A freedom, they are subordinate to having the skills and ability to effectively employ arms safely and in a defensive scenario.

Join us and make the decision to Train To A Higher Standard!