What is a Firearm Zero A firearm zero is the relationship between your sights and the impact of a bullet at a given distance. Obtaining a zero is analogous to taring (zeroing out) a scale to a fixed datum. Zeroing is the process of adjusting the sights so the Point of Aim is the Point of Impact at a given […]

Emergency Communications

Christmas 2020 AT&T Disruption In the early morning hours of Christmas 2020, a bomb exploded in Nashville near Second Avenue and Commerce Street, outside an AT&T building. In the hours following the explosion, Tennessee AT&T customers and customers across the U.S. were unable to call, text, or access the internet.  Early statements made by AT&T indicated that service would be restored that […]

Refund The Police

Overture This article will address the narrative that defunding the police is reasonable. I am not sure when exactly the “Defund the Police” movement began, but its popularity has grown significantly after the death of George Floyd. If I try really hard, I can almost empathize with this sentiment. For those who are surprised by that statement, understand that to […]

Trigger Control vs. Follow Through

Overture It is commonly taught that Aiming and Trigger Control are the most important Marksmanship Fundamentals. However, I am about to make the case that poor Follow-Through is often misdiagnosed as poor Trigger Control.  There is a reason the NRA recommends using smaller caliber guns (like .22LR) in order to help remove distractions. Aiming and trigger control is the same […]

Gun Maintenance

I’m not sure if it was taking advice from other instructors or my own experience with minimal malfunctions, but I eventually realized that my firearms did not need to be in pristine condition (or even close) to…

Brilliance In The Basics [FIREARMS]

“Habit hardens the body for great exertions, strengthens the heart in great peril. Habit breeds that priceless quality, calm, which, passing from rifleman to commander will lighten the task.” – Clausewitz “I’ve been shooting all my life…” This post is part rant and part public service announcement. I would venture to say that most firearms instructors can relate to the […]

The Fight Is Coming [MINDSET]

GTA TN This past weekend, motorists on I-24 in Coffee County, TN experienced extreme violence and chaos as a coward went on a grand theft auto killing spree. Sadly, he managed to kill three and injure three before killing himself. The last person he executed was a man in front of his pregnant wife. This post in no way seeks to […]

Fix the Flinch [FIREARMS]

Shot anticipation (flinching) is the natural reaction most people have when they pull the trigger of a firearm. It is the involuntary “dipping” of the muzzle just before the shot breaks. In my experience, it is the most common reason people miss the target.