What is a Firearm Zero A firearm zero is the relationship between your sights and the impact of a bullet at a given distance. Obtaining a zero is analogous to taring (zeroing out) a scale to a fixed datum. Zeroing is the process of adjusting the sights so the Point of Aim is the Point of Impact at a given […]

Speed AND Accuracy

Intro Balancing speed and accuracy is a critical skill in both competitive shooting and combat/defensive marksmanship. Too much accuracy usually means that you are probably shooting too slow, while too much speed usually means that you are not accurate enough.  Disclaimer This blog post DOES NOT constitute or form an instructor-student relationship between the author (me) and the reader (you). […]

Trigger Control vs. Follow Through

Overture It is commonly taught that Aiming and Trigger Control are the most important Marksmanship Fundamentals. However, I am about to make the case that poor Follow-Through is often misdiagnosed as poor Trigger Control.  There is a reason the NRA recommends using smaller caliber guns (like .22LR) in order to help remove distractions. Aiming and trigger control is the same […]

Gun Maintenance

I’m not sure if it was taking advice from other instructors or my own experience with minimal malfunctions, but I eventually realized that my firearms did not need to be in pristine condition (or even close) to…

Brilliance In The Basics [FIREARMS]

“Habit hardens the body for great exertions, strengthens the heart in great peril. Habit breeds that priceless quality, calm, which, passing from rifleman to commander will lighten the task.” – Clausewitz “I’ve been shooting all my life…” This post is part rant and part public service announcement. I would venture to say that most firearms instructors can relate to the […]

The Fight Is Coming [MINDSET]

GTA TN This past weekend, motorists on I-24 in Coffee County, TN experienced extreme violence and chaos as a coward went on a grand theft auto killing spree. Sadly, he managed to kill three and injure three before killing himself. The last person he executed was a man in front of his pregnant wife. This post in no way seeks to […]

Fix the Flinch [FIREARMS]

Shot anticipation (flinching) is the natural reaction most people have when they pull the trigger of a firearm. It is the involuntary “dipping” of the muzzle just before the shot breaks. In my experience, it is the most common reason people miss the target.