Gun Maintenance

I’m not sure if it was taking advice from other instructors or my own experience with minimal malfunctions, but I eventually realized that my firearms did not need to be in pristine condition (or even close) to…

Fix the Flinch [FIREARMS]

Shot anticipation (flinching) is the natural reaction most people have when they pull the trigger of a firearm. It is the involuntary “dipping” of the muzzle just before the shot breaks. In my experience, it is the most common reason people miss the target.

Firearms Safety [FIREARMS]

Firearms are not inherently safe or unsafe. Nor are they moral or immoral. However, they can be used in an unsafe manner or used for immoral acts. Like any tool, guns can cause serious injury or death if misused and firearms safety is not adhered to. Disclaimer This blog post and other posts DO NOT constitute or form an instructor-student […]