Defenders And Disciples


Prior to taking the course, my biggest challenges were getting over the fear of handling a firearm and being uncomfortable shooting. Handling guns had always made me nervous. However, after the class, I feel more comfortable with a firearm and if I ever need to use it, I feel like I can do so in a safe way. I like how the class covered every aspect of how to handle a pistol, the parts of a pistol, and how to safely carry it by making sure it’s pointed in a safe direction. If you are on the fence about attending a course, you should do it so you will have the peace of mind on firearm safety! The class was very fun and educational! I would definitely recommend it to someone who has little knowledge of guns so that they feel more comfortable using one if ever needed. 


“I took the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course and was very impressed with the quality of the teaching and focus on safety. Taylor did an excellent job balancing group training and one-on-one lessons during the classroom and range portions of the class. I’m looking forward to taking more classes here in the future!”


“Defenders and Disciples is a quality firearms training company. Instructor Taylor is a master instructor who combines hands-on knowledge with the real gift of a teacher. Definitely take a class from DAD.”


“Great intro handgun course, gained a lot of useful building blocks for the future”


“I took Taylor’s basic pistol course with my wife and had a fantastic time! Taylor is very knowledgeable, passionate and has a calm demeanor. All of this combined with his attention to detail and one-on-one focus made for a very pleasant experience, especially for my wife who is newer to firearms than me. I highly recommend one of his courses, even if you have been through some basic training already, because the way he integrates his experience and knowledge into the NRA program is very engaging and I learned a lot from it.”


“Awesome instructor! Taylor is thoughtful, experienced, and has a great sense of humor. Always have a fun time and learn a lot.”


“Taylor is a gifted instructor. He is fully engaged in his teaching, is committed to his students’ success, and has a true passion for the safe use of firearms. The content on the Defenders and Disciples website addresses real diverse issues and is always very well thought out. No matter if you are a firearms enthusiast or a current event buff, there is something for everyone.”